Strong public school systems are the foundation to strong communities. Investments in pre-K programs as well as improving outcomes for all K-12 students position Arkansas kids to be more competitive in vocational and higher education opportunities.



Veterans, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities make up huge percentages of Arkansans who face food insecurity and limited access to healthcare. We need to remove barriers to becoming insured--not create more.


Infrastructure & Economic Development

Strong economic growth starts with sustainable infrastructure and workforce development. Investment in human capital and quality-of-life improvements lay the foundation for long-term impact.

Arkansas ranks #48 in the Country

According to this article published in June 2017, USNews.com ranks Arkansas among the lowest in the United States in categories such as Health Care, Opportunity, Infrastructure, and Education. Sadly, this is not a new phenomenon for Arkansas. Failure to embrace social change, resistance to innovation, and poor recognition of governing shortfalls have long contributed to Arkansas remaining  at the bottom of the pile.

It's time for change.

With abundant natural resources, we have the potential to lead the nation in sustainability initiatives and turn each into vehicles for economic growth. However, we cannot meet that potential if we continue to send the same folks with the same tired ideas to the state legislature.

We need to take a hard look in the mirror, and start having real conversations about how we compare to other states. Failure to do so keeps us from being competitive in classrooms and boardrooms alike. It's time for some new voices to represent our state.

Next Steps...

Get involved! Find out who your local and state government officials are...and find out if they're representing your interests.

Use your voice. Use your vote.