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About Christie

Surrounded by a large extended family, Christie grew up in the small farming community of Etna, Arkansas in the River Valley area. A first-generation college student, she moved to Fayetteville in 1998 to attend the University of Arkansas, but eventually deferred completion of undergraduate studies to advance her career with Walmart. Tenacity and business acumen earned her a series of promotions, and, by her mid-20s, Christie was a Store Manager for Walmart-- personally responsible for directing the financial performance, HR functions, and daily merchandising operations of a multi-million-dollar business.

In 2016, after two decades with the company, Christie retired from Walmart and returned to the University of Arkansas. Uniquely positioned as a non-traditional student returning to college after a long and successful career at a Fortune 500 company, she simultaneously had the opportunity to join UA staff in academic support as a Program Mentor and Supplemental Instruction teacher for Economics. Christie holds a B.A. in both Economics and Political Science from the University of Arkansas, and works as a graduate teaching assistant as she completes her Master's Degree.

Christie and her partner, Audra, live in southeast Rogers and proudly celebrated their 15-year anniversary this summer. While Audra has also made Walmart a career, her passion lies with animal advocacy, and she works tirelessly with the Rogers City Shelter, Humane Society and other local groups on behalf of abused/abandoned animals. Christie has been a long-standing advocate for diversity inclusion initiatives and volunteer for groups working with at-risk children. Both enjoy the abundant outdoors activities of Northwest Arkansas, spending time with friends and family, and going to the lake with their dogs.

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