My story is a simple one, and probably not unlike your own. Each morning, I peel myself out of bed after hitting snooze a couple times, and lurch my way to the coffee pot to start my day. Sometimes, I read or listen to the news as I get ready for work; sometimes, it’s more of a sprint to get out the door to avoid traffic screeching to a standstill on 49. If I put off filling my gas tank until it’s a few cents cheaper than the previous day, it somehow makes me feel vindicated for waiting despite a glowing fuel light. And, never fails, I always seem to remember one extra item when I’m already in line at the grocery store.

There are times when I feel extraordinarily optimistic about how things are going for us in Northwest Arkansas, and times when I’m infuriated by our collective refusal to embrace change. Some days, I worry about my aging parents and the resources available to them in rural Arkansas; some days, I forget they are a day older than the image of them stuck in my mind from growing up. I watch Razorback games, even when it hurts. Love going to the lake. Hate going to the DMV. Expect a ‘thank you’ wave when I let someone cut in traffic. And, in general, carry on conversations with my dogs as if they were people.

This is who I am; this is everyday life. Wife, daughter, friend, co-worker, neighbor–I am more than a label. I am more than a volunteer or advocate, more than a Democrat, and more than a ‘snowflake’. I believe we deserve genuine representation in our government, and I believe we each shoulder a social responsibility to help others however we can.